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Today I baked a Sweet Summer Corn Pie. I already made two of them last month, but I couldn’t find the picture I’d taken of the finished product (or maybe I never saved that picture at all?). And I got three ears of fresh sweet corn in my CSA box yesterday. And…oh yeah, I don’t work during the summer. Oh well. There was just nothing for it but to make another one. In case you’re curious what they taste like, they’re very creamy…the texture almost reminded me of flan…but some of the corn kernels are left whole. Definitely yummy. I wouldn’t use anything but the freshest summer stuff, though.

My new puppy Obi helpfully tried to eat the husks of the corn as I shucked it. 

The following pictures are all from July. My little cousin Ava helped…and a very good helper she was! She’s only three, born a couple of days before my wedding, but she’s already an accomplished baker.