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Especially for Bittersweet Chocolate-Mascarpone Pie. (Is there anything in the world better than Mascarpone cheese, I ask? Anything?)

There is even time for this pie when you have about a million friends staying and coming and going and your house is a mess and you haven’t slept in probably two months, but you don’t even care because you’re just having such an awesome time. I seriously love you all. 


The process is simple: make an Oreo crust in a food processor (I use Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s, since you all know I hate shopping anywhere else.) Mascarpone, melted chocolate, whipped cream, and other goodness goes in the filling. The rest of the whipped cream goes on top. Hey, I can’t be TOO specific, or you won’t buy the cookbook. But it’s easy-peasy, trust me. You can make it in the morning, leave for a beach party at 10 am, come back at 10 pm, and eat it. This method has been fully tested and approved.