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…that I’m finally posting again? Well, I am. Feels good.

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every picture I’ve taken of Obi gazing wistfully upwards towards a pie…

20140620-090925-32965235.jpgI’d be rich.

Have you ever noticed that some kids’ faces just look cheeky no matter what? Like, look at Josiah here. He isn’t even doing anything except sitting in a chair getting ready to eat a big piece of Creamsicle Ice Cream Pie and yet his face is just undeniably cheeky.


See what I’m talking about?


Let me back up for a second. As the great summer/spring/2014 pie catch-up continues, I’m having a great time reminiscing about this delicious pie, the first ice cream pie I’ve made from Ken’s book (Truth: I will always love fruit pies the most, but it’s time to start digging a little more heavily into the meringue/chiffon/ice creamy world when it comes to my pie choices.) The flavor of Creamsicles takes me back to being eleven at Bible School in Vermont and pretending for a week that I wasn’t dairy-intolerant because there were ice cream bars after dinner every night and what was a girl to do?!

To make this pie, you just have to make a killer graham cracker crust and then fill it with vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet and swirl it all together.


Okay, and then put homemade whipped cream on top. And buy some of those little mandarins that come in syrup in a can to serve with it. (Did I just say that? Fruit in a can? Yeah, just this once, do it.)

Since the rest of the assembly takes approximately zero effort, please promise me that you WILL make the crust and the whipped cream by hand. Really though.


Here’s a tangent that I think is actually somewhat relevant to the discussion of ice cream pie. Cause Ice Cream Pies are good. Real good. But what makes them good? Let’s break it down. Take a moment and think about Ice Cream Cake. Now, if you are from New Jersey (as I am) and you picture an ice cream cake, what comes to mind?

Carvel Family Size Ice Cream Cake - Confetti Happy Birthday

Absolutely. Carvel, first of all. A layer of ice cream and a layer of ice cream, covered with frosting and separated with the chocolate crunchies. There was a day I would have started a fight over those chocolate crunchies.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you didn’t already know this. California is super, super confused about ice cream cake. I remember the day when I first discovered the Californian definition and I was just…flabbergasted. Mind-boggled.

They think it’s cake. With some ice cream inside. But mainly, cake.

The. Worst.

And absolutely no trace of chocolate crunchies. The thing that makes ice cream cake something you want to eat in the first place. I will never understand.

Back to why ice cream pie is so good: It’s made out of pure unadultered ice cream. (No nasssty cake, precious.) And if you want to go ahead and call the crust “crunchies,” no one is going to stop you.


This is the kind of huge creamy showstopper that absolutely requires sharing. Thanks to our friends Josiah and Micah, Tiffany and Jonathan for making the consumption of this pie possible. (And for sharing a wonderful evening at your home!)


P.S. What is with tangents today? Tangent: I wanted to name this post California Creamin’, then I remembered that idea was totally unoriginal cause that’s the name of an awesome beer brewed by Mother Earth Brewing Co. Which would actually go so well with this pie. If you like to pair beer with ice cream pie. Which I can’t say I regularly do.

That is all.