And so it begins. Now that The Peace of Pie has been around for several years, the time-of-year patterns that show up are almost comically predictable.

I get to August and I’m all like, my blog is non-existent. I’ve been too busy living.

We’re not even going to admit that the pictures below are from March, cause they totally look like they could be taken in the summer (a perk of California).

We have just had so many delightful visits with friends this summer (okay, and spring, and all year.) Our friends Gray and Emily from Virginia came to spend a sunshiny weekend with us and it was just lovely. We walked around Santa Barbara, tasted some wines, ate some Mexican food, explored an entire warehouse full of orchids, and ended the day with a beach sunset and sushi. I’m describing this in detail so that you all desperately want to come visit too.


20140620-090509-32709124.jpgI’ve got pictures of Gray doing crazy stuff starting from when we were about ten years old. Here he is now.



They’re getting married next June.


I made this Classic Lemon Meringue Pie that weekend. Not to set the excitement level too high, but I’m about to reveal to you one of my hugest Epic Pie Fail moments to date. To preface: I am a still a meringue newbie. For those who were really paying attention while reading my Christmas post, you will note that the cinnamon meringue atop that lovely pie was my FIRST ever, making this my SECOND ever meringue experience.

20140620-090509-32709697.jpgToday’s take-home point: Respect the Broiler.

I know you all probably know already–never walk away from a broiler–well, I did. Yes, I did. For only thirty seconds, but that was mooooore than enough time for this carnage to take place.

20140620-090510-32710285.jpgAnother point worth noting: burnt meringue smells like a s’more. Pretty good actually. But not so good to eat. So I scraped the top off and re-broiled just a smidge to cover up the battle scars. Goodbye, pretty mound of swirls. Hello, little haphazard pile.


So there’s a bit of vulnerability for you, from one baker to another (or maybe just from one baker to an interested reader, as the case may be. I think all you guys are great for reading what I write, so thanks a lot.) All’s well that ends well though, and I think Emily can vouch for the fact that this pie is an acceptable form of breakfast.