Jess went back “home” to New Jersey for a weekend. An unfortunate coincidence was that this was the same weekend as our Church’s Dessert Bake-Off. All our friends assumed Jess would dethrone the reigning champ with one of her pies. They breathed a collective sigh of disappointment/competitive relief when word got ’round that a Pie would be missing.

Jess decided that instead of not entering a pie, why don’t I, the Pie Man to her Pie Woman make one.


Jess is a woman that is profuse with consistently fantastic ideas, so, I dutifully followed her suggestion. The Dessert Bake-Off would have a pie from a Gelineau after-all.

I have seen a few pies made in my life (like, 120 or so) so, I was clear on the basics. From one layman to maybe another, here’s the step by step for us the NORMAL, casual, pie bakers.

IMG_0344Crust Into Dish…. Okay, crust isa hard part, and to be honest with you, Jess made that part for me ahead of time. I am only one man.

IMG_0342Sugar on Berries, Makes ’em good.
IMG_0345Surround the sugared berries in a cloud of a starch.

IMG_0347Pitch that happy family into the crust.

IMG_0349Cover the fruit with some more carbs.

IMG_0351Bake until it looks like you may not be able to resist eating the whole kit and caboodle.

I was happy with how it came out, and wished it luck at the competition.

IMG_0352(Note the sage and discerning Judge in the background).

The Man Pie came in second place!