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…two very, very very mysterious pies were brought forth.

I facebooked: No one will ever guess the kinds of pie I am making right now.

Some of the guesses in response: Cow, dandelion, chicken, round, delicious, maple bacon, pizza, black bean and plantain, pancetta spearmint baby formula cream…

Creative thinkers, the lot of you.

Because I have friends who are good sports, and because I wanted to prolong the fun, I made a bunch of them come over to try both pies and keep making guesses.

Some of the guesses made: Turnip, sweet potato, zucchini, pumpkin, orange, Froot Loop…

After many attempts, the secret ingredients came to light.

Mystery Pie #1= Carrot Custard Pie

Light, subtle, surprisingly hard to identify the flavor.

Mystery Pie #2= Spiced Parsnip Pie

Very much like pumpkin pie, except for the lemony flavor (which led to the slight Froot Loop aftertaste).

Now on to rave about my new little island! Really it isn’t so much an island as it is a kitchen cart (Forhoja, from IKEA.) But whatever you call it, it definitely gives me a lot more room for pie-crust-rolling, and pie-things-storing.

When you only have two drawers in your kitchen, you really appreciate an extra two more. Here is my drawer of pie-making goodies! Pie weights (aka dry beans), crust protectors, measuring spoons and cups all stored together in one ultra-convenient location.

(Thanks, Wendy, for the totally adorable measuring spoons!)

And thanks everyone, for humoring me when I play these silly games of suspense.