Greetings, lovely readers.

I am proud to announce (or maybe I shouldn’t be announcing this at all) that for the first time I am totally, 100%, up-to-date on this blog. As in: the pie you see in this post was actually the most recent pie I’ve made. For a while I’ve been pretending, you see.

“Recently…*cough a month ago* I was in New Jersey…baking some pies…”

It feels good to be caught up. Now to just stay on top of things…I do tend to bake faster than I can blog.

MY MOST RECENT PIE, for serious, was a Lemonade-Peach Pie. It was the first day of summer vacation (awwww yeah) so I made two.

(Just pretend you don’t notice how dirty my oven is and smile politely.)

Let’s talk about lemonade for a minute. You obviously wouldn’t want to add straight up lemonade to a pie, as pies produce a lot of juices on their own and will suffer if anything watery gets in there. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure not to add wet fruit (i.e. berries that haven’t been properly drained after rinsing) to the filling. Anyway, this pie is made with thawed frozen lemonade concentrate, packing a lot of flavor in a little liquid. Trader Joe’s has a great, cheap one–I think I should go recommend it to the kids on the corner of my street who are currently serving some pretty flavorless lemonade. I guess that’s why they’re selling it for “FREE! (But we accept donations!)”. Clever business strategy, I must say.

I brought the pies to Levi’s last softball game of the season. For over a year now, he’s been on our church’s team, and they’ve had a lot of fun (waaay more important than winning lots of games.) In addition to the 12 or so guys on the team, there’s quite a fan base that shows up to cheer. Really, in retrospect, three pies would have been better than two.

Owen and Austin endorse my pie wholeheartedly. I’m going to hire them when I  get a pie truck. They can just ride around in it and give people thumbs up all day long.

(Thanks to Renee Reich for the last two images!)

What kind of pie should I bake next?