I only wish I’d thought of that ridiculously cute title myself. But alas. They thought of it first.

When I’m in New Jersey, one of the places I like to visit is Frenchtown. Everything about it is cute. Even the laundromat, which is called the “launderette”. See? Cute. In Frenchtown, there is an amazing store called Two Buttons, which is owned by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. I saw her there one time. EEEP!

On my trip out east this month, my friends Maggie and Jen and I made it to Frenchtown. We shopped at Two Buttons, where you are given free red wine and popcorn and you drool over fantastically beautiful things from all over the world. I bought some fossils of extinct squids from Morocco. It’s really a great time.

The NEW and exciting discovery we made on this day was the new business next door to Two Buttons: Lovin’ Oven, the cutest (in keeping with the theme) bakery/cafe that you ever did see.

I’ve kicked around the idea of starting up a bakery someday. Okay, let’s be serious…maybe a farmer’s market stand. Or…maybe a lemonade stand type deal in the front of my house. I honestly don’t know the first thing about being an entrepreneur, but it’s fun to imagine.

My friends Josh and Amber are the ones who have the most fully-formed vision of my future pie-peddling. My company will be called Hipster Pie; I will have a food truck from which I will sell delicious mini pies faster than Sprinkles can sell cupcakes. Another option in my mind is to wait until Levi and I are of retirement age…his plan is to make his own wine and chocolate, so I figure we’ll just move to the country somewhere and have a little shop. Y’all come visit.  If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them, no matter how far-fetched.

But none of you are going to come up with a name as cute as “Lovin’ Oven.” And yes, that’s a dare. I dare you to be cuter than Frenchtown, New Jersey.