I noticed today that I haven’t had any page views on my blog for a couple days. I think this could be due to a couple factors. Definitely the main one that comes to mind is that I haven’t actually posted anything in weeks.

I’m a bad blogger! *sob*

Never fear…I’ll get better. Or will I? The fact is that I’m often so busy with my real life that I forget about the virtual side of things. For example, I just went to New Jersey for a week to visit family and friends. It was fantastic. I made four pies there and now I’m even farther behind on my blog. You see how it goes.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful couple of weeks and that you still want to read my blog even though I take long, rude hiatuses.

Ah, March…remember March? Back in March, Levi and I had a lovely evening with our friends Ali and Rodney. Ali made three different vegetarian curries served with all kinds of accompaniments and dipping sauces and made it look effortless. It made me think about the mess that ensues when I cook Indian food…hmmm….(mental note: figure out how she does it.)

Ali likes chocolate pie, so I made her a Classic Chocolate Cream Pie. Seemed suitable.

(Pie patiently waiting to be smothered with homemade whipped cream.)

This pie calls for an Oreo crumb crust. What’s better than that, you may ask?

Why, a Joe-Joe’s crust of course!

Ali and Rodney enjoying pie.


Pie enjoying Baraka.