As many of you math-inclined people are already aware, Pi Day was recently celebrated (3.14, March 14th). At my school, we’re a little crazy about math and about Pi(e), so we prolong the celebration quite a bit. In fact, tomorrow we’ll have about 20 kinds of pie that the kids and teachers alike will be devouring at recess and lunchtime. (Did I make one of those pies? Well, naturally…but that’ll be another post. So stick around.)

What I want to share with you right now is an eloquent explanation of what pi(e) is all about. Please keep in mind that nowhere in California K-2 educational standards will you find students required to compute the circumference or area of a circle…hence these kiddos have mainly stuck to the subject of piE rather than its homonym.

I mean, what’s actually the difference, right?


(Thanks so much to my wonderful husband for editing this video for me.)