But not really, cause that would be gross.

If you have read my previous posts, think back to the aforementioned group of ladies I get together with once or twice a month and do fun things with. They feature again in this post. This time, we didn’t make mini pies together, but we did make something. And then ate pie. Almost the same story. (I can hear the jealous whispers…why do these girls get to eat so many pies? Right place, right time, my friends.)

So we had a lovely dinner together and then my friend Mimi stirred up some large smelly pots of Shibori dye and we had at it with dishtowels and white shirts from the Salvation Army. I claimed this tiny child-size shirt as my own.

And now presenting…Almond-Coconut Pie! A few quick comments about this one. First of all, as Ken had mentioned in his notes, this is a very cakey pie. I’d say almost about as cakey as a pie can get. But think coffeecake, not birthday cake. Second thing: It’s totally justifiable to eat the leftovers of this one for breakfast. I know this from personal experience.

Pie Features: whipped cream on top (the real deal, of course), All-Butter pastry, easy to make (all in the food processor, baby!)

Pie Feedback: texture surprisingly reminiscent of…cornbread? Yet not in a bad way. (Don’t take this the wrong way, little pie!) Also surprising, one friend who isn’t into coconut or almonds really liked it. Unless she’s lying. Or maybe she just loves cornbread. Ah, the mystery.

Here’s a badly-composed picture of the Almond-Coconut pie hovering mysteriously, UFO-like, over someone’s tie-dyed dishtowel, drying on a bush. In the night. Under a full moon. (Okay okay, maybe not that last part.)

If mystery isn’t your thing, how about history? Because my friend April send me this great link the other day with fun/shocking facts about pies in the olden days. Did you know that pie birds(decorative funnels used to let steam out of pies) are shaped like pies because bakers used to set full-on BIRDS on top of their pies to identify the contents? That song about four and twenty blackbirds wasn’t a joke. Ugh. Give me almonds and coconuts inside my pie any day over peacocks.