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A couple of years back, we were into these books by Gary Chapman…The 5 Love Languages ones. You may be familiar with them. In case you aren’t, the premise is that individuals communicate their love for others/want to be communicated to in a certain way…for example, physical touch. (From my experience, people either really like this concept, are really annoyed by it, or just really don’t care. My apologies if you belong to one of the second two groups, I promise this won’t be a lengthy dissertation.) My point is that when I read the original book (as you do when you’re dating and you’re curious if you speak the same love languages as your significant other) I was of the opinion that if your love language was “Gifts” instead of “Quality Time” or “Words of Affirmation,” you were probably pretty shallow. So naturally, when I took the little quiz the book gives you, I scorned any answers that made it sound like I would prefer gifts to any other type of lovin’. I guess I cheated a little, because years later I have come to the conclusion that–alas–I am, in reality, a GIFTS PERSON…a hoarder of wrapping paper, a maker of handmade cards, and a pie-baking fool. Don’t judge me! I like hugs too. And I’ll love you if you mop my floors. I just generally find that I show love by giving physical things to my friends. And since I like to bake and cook, if I love you, chances are high that I’ll try to feed you.

(Side note: I think I’m turning into my Nana.)

Some of our best friends, Todd and Abby, were just out from New Jersey for a short visit. I made a pie. Truth be told, there are very few people that I love more than Todd and Abby (and their stinkin’ cute kids, Benjamin and Verity.) And I know Todd loves apple pie. Here’s the thing…I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m running out of berry pies. I’m kind of running out of apple pies too, and I think it’s because every time I see Todd these days, I make him an apple pie. This is his fifth one. Love language.

Happy birthday, Todd!

Liz Smothers’s Sugarless Apple-Berry Pie, eaten with vanilla ice cream so as to totally negate the sugarless part. For any readers who actually avoid sugar fo’ realz, I really enjoyed that this pie doesn’t use any artificial sweetener…it’s just the fruit with apple juice. No, it’s not super sweet, but I also wouldn’t taste it and think that there was something missing. I used blueberries, but I’m thinking raspberries might be even yummier.

And now, for my final trick, I will sneak into my post pictures of adorable children!