We really went back to the olden days on this one.

Todd, Abby, Benjamin, and Verity were coming to visit. (The last time they came was in February.) It was time to search through the pie book to see what apple ones still remained untested. Though the number of these is rapidly dwindling, I found one that suited my needs: Mile-Deep Apple Ring Pie.

photo(1)When you make a pie that’s supposed to be a mile deep of apple rings, you borrow yourself a handy apple-ringer contraption. And you make your husband do most of the physical labor. Mostly so you can check out his muscles.


Apple peelings galore. Once when I was a young-un, I went on a field trip to an old cider mill and we all made apple pie together in a black cast iron baking dish, taking turns putting in chunks of apple and spooning flour-sugar-cinnamon all over the whole thing. This pie reminded me of that field trip. Look at how adorably rustic it looks.


Ken Haedrich will often advise to put pats of butter all over the top of your pie before adding the top crust. Who am I to question?


You may well wonder why anyone would serve a pie with a wooden spoon (although I hope I don’t have to explain why you would drink lots of fresh-pressed apple juice with it.) One little point of interest on this guy is that he  has no bottom crust. So, there’s no neat way to portion out slices. Just break right through that flaky top with a spoon and scoop out all of the goodness underneath. Top with vanilla ice cream, always.

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