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This cute little list has been making the rounds due to this being an El Niño year here in Southern California. I did have a real moment with the rain last Tuesday where I woke up listening to it in the middle of the night and the sound was so foreign that I sleepily thought all of our sprinklers were broken and made Levi go outside to look. (It hasn’t rained again since then, but, by all means, bring it on! I’m so ready!)

Coincidentally I also went to In-N-Out today and I’m about to write about avocados, so, there you go. 


Sounds like a joke, or a euphemism, but believe you me it is nothing but a wonderfully serious reality.

When a pie is unique, absolutely delicious, and can mostly be made in a blender, it deserves to be made several times in a row. I made this one for my school’s Pi Day celebration (following Pi Days past: Coconut Cream, Chewy Medjool Date-NutButterscotch Banana Cream…) and then I made it again to eat on my birthday. As a birthday celebration.


This pie is made by blending a very high-quality avocado with sweetened condensed milk, lemon and lime juice, powdered sugar, and of course, cream cheese. We ate it with some fresh unsweetened whipped cream. Wow. You’ve got to try it, whether you’re Californian or not.