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Pi Day came and went again this year with the usual fanfare it always receives at my school. It’s hard to believe this was my fourth year making a celebratory pie…time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

IMG_2796( Someone made a pi instead of a pie…har har har.)

There were many contributors to the feast of pie and the subsequent sugar-induced coma. Pumpkin, raspberry, lemon meringue, apple, chocolate chip, and so many more varieties were all there for the taking.
The naked pie in the center here was mine. My Coconut Cream Pie, awaiting his topping of toasted coconut whipped cream. An important question to consider at this stage would be: Why have I been making pies for five years and have NEVER made a coconut cream pie before?


Yeah, I have no idea either.

IMG_2795Coconut has always been one of my favorite flavors. As a kid I would always try to convince my mom to buy a coconut from the grocery store (I know, I’m weird. Other kids were probably all like, “Buy me Lucky Charms!!” and I was the nerd asking for a whole coconut…) When I got my way it was always a project because my dad had to smash them with a hammer to get them open. Then I would stash a bunch of the broken pieces away to my room and read through my stack of library books while blissfully mawing away at my coconut chunks.

IMG_2799I bought flaked coconut for the making of this pie. No hammers were involved. A quick note I think is worth making; I NEVER buy sweetened flaked coconut; the straight up stuff is a lot more versatile to have around and I just don’t think the sweetened variety necessary, even when recipes call for it. It’s not like the pie is sugar-free, let’s be honest. No need for the extra sweetener. Maybe that’s just my preference. It’s hard to believe, but I’m not actually a sweet tooth.

IMG_2801Here’s me and my Pi Day Pi. All topped up now and ready to serve to the masses of clamorous children and teachers.

IMG_2803I just love how the toasted coconut looks on top of this guy. So pretty.

IMG_2804Oh look, what’s this? A small pie eater? Don’t know what gave it away, other than the smudgy berry-covered face.

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Thanks for reading. As always.