I am delighted to announce another (small) milestone on my journey to 300 pies.

125! That means…er…only 25 more pies to the halfway point. I think this journey won’t soon be over. The good news is, although it’s slow going, I’m still enjoying it-and I hope you are too.

If you haven’t peeked into the pie gallery recently, take a look-you might be inspired to recreate one of the 125 over the holiday season. Perhaps even these Little Cream Pies. They’re small, cute, shareable, no-fuss, and tasty as anything. They’re winners, crowd-pleasers. You get to mix the filling with your fingers inside each individual muffin pan cup and then pour little blurps of cream on top. In short, they have everything to recommend them. And if you don’t have the Pie cookbook yet and therefore don’t have the recipe–it might, just might, be time to treat yourself to a holiday gift. 🙂IMG_4626IMG_4628

Here are some pictures of the Little Cream Pies I made for my friend Colleen’s birthday tea party back in September–a lovely evening with even lovelier ladies and an abundance of trIMG_4631eats!