IMG_0794Nearly a month ago, Levi and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. (Say what!)

I just wanted to throw out a little love to a restaurant in Ventura that we happened upon when deciding where to eat that night. BBQ isn’t one of our favorite cuisines, and we had never heard of the place before, but for some reason we walked by the Saloon BBQ company and felt like we should give it a try. And we sure were glad we did. After an incredible meal (Fig Mtn. brews on tap-killer mac and cheese-vegetarian sloppy joe-fried okra-a cocktail that tasted like root beer, but better) we were given this complimentary piece of pie by the friendly staff. And it wasn’t even until afterwards that I told them we had had pie at our wedding four years earlier.

If you get the chance, go on over to their Facebook page and just hit the Like button. They’re a new place, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Better yet, if you’re in Ventura anytime, go have some fried okra for me and let me know what you think.