Guys, it’s been too long. I’m having a summer just full to the brim with blessings in the form of friends’ smiles, mountaintop sunrises, perfect beach days, and late night chats. While this means that my blog has become secondary in priority for a little while, I haven’t stopped making pie (and I hope you haven’t stopped checking in!). Keep an eye open for posts about the three pies I’ve made since July…one of them features summer corn. Say whaaat?

For now, I just wanted to let you in on a sweet deal, before the opportunity passes. I’m only in the know on this because I’m a member of Ken Haedrich’s online Pie Academy (and you should be too; it’s free!). Ken has purchased a number of Le Creuset bakeware items and is having a private sale. Follow this link to check out the items he has available. 

I’ve been hankering for some mini pie dishes (because mini pies are cute) and a pie bird (because, put a bird on it). So that’s what I ordered. I was very excited when these treasures arrived in the mail the other day!

Now to decide what kind of mini pies to make first…