This is a post that I am Very, Very, Very Excited to write and therefore deserves lots of extra Capitalization.

A few months ago, Levi (being the adoring husband that he is) took it upon himself to email Ken Haedrich, the author of Pie, and fill him in on my little project. Not only did Ken write back (and he is just as friendly and gracious as you would expect from reading his work) but he told me that he was working on starting a new website and would like to link me on his front page. Was I game?

Was I game?!!

Ken’s new website is called The Pie Academy, and if you sign up with your email address, you will receive entertaining videos that will doubtless improve your pie making skills. I’ve received two videos so far–the first on rolling a nice, circular crust and the second on using a food processor to make pie pastry. If you have any interest in baking whatsoever, follow the above link and enroll yourself in the academy! Then scroll on down to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see my smiling face 😉

Another perk of the Pie Academy…you can purchase cookbooks at a discounted price! I’ve had quite a few of you tell me that I’ve nearly driven you to buying Pie through all of my pictures and updates. Well, if you’re really hankering to try out some of the recipes for yourself, this is the place to make your purchase. Pie only costs $21.95 here!

I am Very Much Honored to be recognized on a bestselling author’s website and Very Appreciative of how kind Ken has been.