The other day, I found a special wedding card given to me by my cousin Carly and her husband Andrew. The card, while delightful, was not the part I was most excited to reread…it was the index card that she slipped inside the envelope. On it, Carly had listed all the reasons why her gift (Ken Haedrich’s Pie) simply HAD to be mine. Seventy-some pies into this venture, I’d say her reasoning was sound.

(Just in case it’s easier to read…)

This book had to be yours for these many reasons:

1) You obviously prefer pie with such passion that you served it at your wedding. [True life.]

2. Newlyweds need cookbooks; it’s a lot of meals that you’re responsible for now that you have your own fully equipped kitchen.

3. Ken Haedrich is The Man. His other cookbook, “Soup Makes the Meal,” is every bit as good as this one. If you never actually make a pie [HA], do yourself a favor and read the book.

4. Ken “The Man” Haedrich hearkens from NH, which is up there not too far from some of the Gelineau roots, I hear. [Indeed…Levi was born in Vermont, and I have family there as well.]

5. Jess, we share the very unique “pie thumb” in the family. I think we must be destined for pie greatness. Now you can step up to the proverbial pie plate and become the culinary artist you were born to be. [How badly do you want to see my pie thumb now? So badly. Well…dream on.]








[Okay fine.]

[Isn’t it cute? In a weird way?]

6. This book is deliciously comprehensive, from Apple, Banoffee, and Chess to Zapple!

[Thanks C & A! xo]