Alas, I am afraid that in not too long (read: about half a year) I will not have a single solitary berry pie left to bake. But in the meantime…

I will bake Blueberry-Lime Pie when it’s my turn for Wednesday night Bible class refreshments.


And I will reluctantly share, but will stand in the kitchen and sneakily eat a healthy slice.

And take purple-tinted Camera+ pictures on my iPhone. WHAT a dork.


Really though, I’m partial to berry pies. I have a hard time coming up with a concrete answer when people ask me what my favorite has been so far, but I know one thing: it surely contained berries.

One gripe with this pie=having to purchase limeade concentrate. HFCS doesn’t usually make it in my front door. If you ever come across a more natural brand, please let me know, I’d be interested. For very far future reference, as the next take on this guy is waiting in line behind about 230 other new pies. Patience, patience.

Speaking of the day I finish the Pie cookbook, I have been thinking lately about how I’d like to start inventing some of my own pies. My friend Nicole lent me the movie Waitress, which for some reason I had never seen. I am slowly becoming the person everyone mentally associates with pie, so I get lots of pie related gifts, articles, movies, etc. I have no problem with this. Anyway, I thought the names Keri Russell made up for her pies were super funny. Not being in the same life situation, I have no reason to invent a “Baby Screaming its Head Off in the Middle of the Night and Ruining my Life” Pie, but lately I’ve been found making lots of “I Have a Million Papers to Grade and My House is a Mess but I’d Rather be Baking” pies. This was one of them.