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Hi Everyone, it’s Levi!

At Jessica’s urging, I embarked on my own little pie adventure this week. We made Thanksgiving Leftover Pot Pies!

I started with Double-Crust Food Processor Dough from Ken’s newer book Pie Academy. This was incredibly easy and fast. It’s essentially 2.75 cups of flour and two sticks of butter blitzed together.

(I would insert picture of the crust dough being made here but, I definitely didn’t take that picture, I’m not the usual blogger.)

The crust came out great! I roughly divided it into 6 larger pieces and 6 smaller pieces for our large muffin tin and refrigerated it over-night. Jess later asked if I’d followed the steps closely and I responded “Of course not, but, I think it came out great anyways!” I’m not the usual baker.

(It would be great to have pictures here to break up the paragraphs, but, still didn’t get any).

The next evening we broke out our leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Then, we warmed up some frozen peas, frozen corn and also steamed some carrots real quick. Pippa and I then mixed up 6 fillings, and experimented with layering the mashed potatoes or the stuffing at the bottom of the pies (that experiment was successful).

Baked them, and as my countrymen say, voila!

The cranberries really popped against the dense, yet flaky, crust.

I can definitely see this becoming a tradition for me.

The heir to my fortune loved the Leftover Pies!

Looking forward to more of these next year!