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You won’t catch me doing this again, but this time, the clock got me.

I resolved to post twice a month this year. I don’t know if you’ve been counting, but you have probably at least noticed (if you’ve been following my blog escapades for a few years) that my Peace of Pie presence has increased this year (Yay for goals!)

It’s May 31st, 9:12 pm aka my normal bedtime and it also happens to be my 32nd birthday. I had such a busy week and thought, I’ve got nothing much going on on Sunday after church and Levi won’t be working, I could totally write my second May post on the 31st.

Umm…my day got FILLED with flowers, surprise doorstep visits and cards and gifts, a virtual G + T (It was real, but I shared it with my best friend virtually, in case anyone was confused), phone calls and messages, ice cream, sushi…I am NOT complaining!

So here is my briefer than anticipated post (pictures follow without commentary) about an Oatmeal Raisin Pie with a Tender Cream Cheese Crust, because…May is almost over. If you add questions to the comments, I’ll explain more in June. 😉 For example, you could ask: Is this like a pecan pie with oats? A: Yes. Or, Is this basically the best oatmeal raisin cookie you’ve ever had? A: Yes. Are you responsible for your daughter’s love of ice cream? A: Again, Yes.