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We’re all busy pretending it’s fall here in California. I made pumpkin pancakes this morning, and I’m wearing jeans although shorts would be a better choice. I’m currently waiting for the weather to cool down from 84 degrees to 79 at dusk so I can take my dog for a walk. And then I’ll probably light an Autumn Spice candle. It’s a real conflict, I tell you.

Since it’s still a pre-sunset 84 F, I guess you guys won’t mind if I post about a seasonally confusing ice cream pie. Right? Thanks.

I got on rather an ice cream pie kick this year. There are several on deck to share with you. This happened partially because I’m running out of summer fruit pies to bake (they tend to be my favorite, and I still bake plenty, just not with recipes from Ken’s book) and partially because, YAY ICE CREAM! Who doesn’t like ice cream? Ice cream pies are also appealing because they’re typically pretty easy…the bulk of the work tends to be scooping ice cream into a crust…but be sure you’ve set aside enough time for the different phases that are involved. (Making crust, cooling crust, filling shell, freezing pie, making topping, yada yada.)

Even if you’re dairy-free, you could have enjoyed this particular ice cream pie I made last Memorial Day. I used the recipe for Strawberry Baked Alaska Pie but substituted Trader Joe’s divine coconut-milk strawberry ice cream. Good stuff.


I baked a graham cracker crust ahead of time, then filled the shell with this deliciousness (the Strawberry). Right before serving, I made a huge old pile of meringue to top the pie with (the Baked Alaska).

Here are some more pictures of the pie-making process and a lovely gathering of friends celebrating the beginning of summer.

*I feel the need to clarify that there are NO beets or peonies featured in this pie. I was putting together a candy beet and potato salad while working on the pie and apparently found myself obsessed with the abundance of pink that was presenting itself to me. Although it does make me consider; my friend Ruth makes delicious beet muffins. Could a beet pie also have a place in this world? Deep thoughts to ponder.