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It’s not every day that some of your favorite musical artists come to your house to give a concert. But when that day comes, it’s good form to bake a pie.


I chose a Pennsylvania Dutch Sour Cream Apple Pie, mainly because it sounded wildly delicious. Other factors were: 1. It definitely gives a solid nod to the East Coast, where Jenny and Tyler and I are from. 2. I tend to choose apple pies when baking for people I’ve never entertained before. Because who doesn’t like apple pie? IMG_0367






Five reasons why Jenny and Tyler are super cool:

1. They have a vinyl album.

2. They did a cover of “The Sound of Silence” that you can buy here; proceeds go to the International Justice Mission.

3. They ate my homemade bread without complaining.

4. Jenny has a glockenspiel. ‘Nuff said.

5. Tyler plays a suitcase kick drum and eats pie straight from the dish.



One of my college professors once told me that I should be a music journalist for a living. It’s true that I find it easy to write about music that I feel somewhat detached to.  But sometimes you come across musicians who create music that you not only enjoy listening to, but feel that you could have written yourself in the sense that every word resonates so strongly in your heart. And so I won’t try to describe Jenny and Tyler’s music except in a few words: real, God-centered, passionate, fun, alive.  You can follow this link to download seven of their songs for free!

If you missed the concert, check out www.jennyandtyler.com for tour dates, music videos, and more.

If you were at the concert, leave a comment and share a favorite moment!

If you were at the concert and I brought the pie out after you left; please do forgive me. If I had had the time and ingredients to make pie for all who attended, I most surely would have.

**A couple of delayed thank-yous:

To Andrew for helping set up.

To Mimi and Danny for helping sell merchandise!

To Mimi and Robin for helping me make the welcome banner. You are such exquisite discerners of patterned paper…

To Russ, for the balloons.

To all of the audience members who contributed to the great vibe of the show.

To Jenny and Tyler for coming out to Simi Valley and performing. We had so many people ask us, “But HOW did you get them to come to your house??!” And we said, “Umm…well, we just asked.” We’re so glad you came. You both have beautiful spirits and we feel blessed to have shared some time together with you. Come back anytime.