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…there are just so many of them, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I bake so much faster than I blog.

I found this old friend hiding on my phone, and though it’s long after the pies of summer have gone, I couldn’t just skip over him without a mention!

This Peach-Blueberry Cobbler Pie (think pie on bottom, cobbler on top) was baked on one of those numerous summer evenings which included the following: late daylight, friends from far away and around the corner, grilling, mismatched plates, cutlery, and chairs, sitting under the hanging lights on our patio. And maybe some port.

I like this picture because everything looks a little messy (even the pie. I usually give myself the first piece cause it’s the most falling-aparty one.) I’ve realized recently that I can’t do as much living as I want to do and still have everything look perfect all the time. Evenings such as this one leave crumbs on the table, as you can see. But those crumbs are just evidence of how full to overflowing my life really is.

Stay tuned for pictures from our Old Fashioned Pie Auction later this week.