Minnesota checklist:

  • Jump in the river X
  • Canoe 15 miles X
  • Eat licorice ice cream X
  • Catch fish X
  • Bake pie X
Would you just LOOK at this gorgeous rhubarb?!

When I saw this growing in a friend’s garden, it was easy to decide what kind of pie to bake first. All-Rhubarb.

Here’s a question, but don’t think too hard, because it’s not a trick.

Q: What’s more fun than baking a pie?

A: Baking a pie while drinking beer.

I have a few items to discuss in relation to this pie. Let’s take them one at a time.

1. Rhubarb. Do you love it? Like it? Hate it? I think it’s one of the most wonderful plants I’ve ever encountered. Ken Haedrich gave me the following tidbits that I thought worthy of sharing: rhubarb is also called “pie plant,” (makes sense) and the only two groups of people who customarily eat rhubarb RAW are Afghans and Eskimos. Random. (Disclaimer, in case you have never eaten rhubarb and are so inspired by this post that you immediately go find yourself some: don’t eat the leaves. Poison.)

2. Oranges. Add half of a large orange’s zest and half of its juice to a rhubarb pie for a very pleasant flavor enhancement.

3. Zesting. My Aunt Sarah (whose wonderful place by the St. Croix River I am currently luxuriating at) did not have a grater in her possession. I went down to the general store and found the grater/zester that is shown in the above picture. IT IS AMAZING. I can’t believe I’ve been using a second-rate grater to zest citrus fruit for so many years. Never again. I’m immediately buying one for myself when I get back back to Cali Cali.