Here’s a crazy idea for you. Make a pie not with pecans, not with walnuts, but with….


Oh wait, Ken Haedrich already thought of that.

Pine nuts are in my top ten list of things that are delicious and make everything more delicious-er. Here is what that list looks like:

1. Sun-dried tomatoes.

2. Garlic

3. Pine nuts

4. Sea Salt

5. Dark chocolate

6. Olive oil

7. Mushrooms

8. Goat cheese

9. Applewood smoked bacon

10. Butter

But while I put pine nuts on my salad, pasta, and pizza at every opportunity I get (and could probably eat a whole large bag of Sicilian pignoli cookies), I must confess that I never would have thought it would be okay to make a pie out of pine nuts unless Ken had given me the green light with his recipe for Pine Nut Pie.

Pine nuts can be expensive, but the Costco-size bag isn’t a bad deal. Especially if you frequently decorate your food with them like I do.

The formula for this pie is much like that of a pecan pie…the nuts get folded into an eggy, sugary, corn syrupy mixture and during the course of baking float up to the top. Pretty!

Ken suggests serving this pie with butter pecan ice cream, and I felt that it would be nothing short of foolhardy to ignore his advice.

Really it makes sense that pine nuts make a good pie. I mean, if you take out the first “n,” they become “pie nuts.” That can’t be coincidental.

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