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It was a fortuitous set of events. My friend Erin asked me to make her an Amaretto-Amaretti Chocolate Fudge Pie. I found a recipe for homemade Amaretto on one of my favorite blogs, SoupAddict. I made Amaretto. I put it in the pie. Then I made lots of Amaretto Sours. Oh happy day!

The pie crust recipe calls for amaretti cookies and chocolate. I went to three grocery store and couldn’t find amaretti. I silently cursed the state of California. This would never have happened in New Jersey!!

So I used overpriced biscotti instead, because I was tired of going to stores. Boo.

It turned out pretty nicely though, must say.

Amaretti. Amaretto. Amore.

Belated birthday pie with a side of Sequence.

It turns out that making your own homemade Amaretto is easy and inexpensive. And might (if I may be so bold) even taste better than the expensive stuff. You can get the recipe here.

SoupAddict also has a great recipe for homemade sour mix, if you’re planning on using your Amaretto for more than flavoring a pie. You might want to find strong helpful males to help squeeze the lemons, limes, and orange for you. That worked well in my experience.

I may or may not be drinking an Amaretto Sour at this exact moment.